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That Section 6.2(iv) of the Limited Liability Company Agreement for the Delaware LLC owning land at the Forest Lakes Country Club development, of which I am a Member shall be amended to read as follows:

Compensation of Manager. The Manager shall be entitled to compensation for services performed for the Company and reimbursement for expenses  as set forth in the Services Agreement executed by the Members and the Members shall make additional Capital Contributions annually for this purpose. From 2020 onwards, any Member not current in payment for said services and expenses, may be suspended at the Manager’s discretion, until such Member is in good standing. Whilst suspended, a suspended Member shall forfeit all rights set forth in this Agreement and in the respective Services Agreement, including, inter alia, the right to receive information from the Manager and the right to vote on any matter to be put before the Members and the total number of votes available to be cast in respect of any motion put before the Members, shall be reduced accordingly during the period of suspension.”